About the hosts

3 dudes, having a few beers and talking about the mysteries of the world. 

About the Hosts

Tyler StewartProfile Photo

Tyler Stewart


I am dad, musician (Drummer and bassist for about 7 years), mechanic, graphic designer and tap-dancing grand champion.......
that one was a joke. Through my life I've always been open minded to the unexplained and the unknown.
We don't have all the answer but together I believe we can find them.
I enjoy doing the show to ask the questions that everyone is thinking, in pursuit of those missing puzzle pieces.

Josh GibbsProfile Photo

Josh Gibbs


I’m a carpenter, mead brewer, gear head, fisherman, and the rhythm guitarist for the metal band Rector. I consider myself a skeptic about most things supernatural and I really enjoy trying to find natural reasons for things. My favorite part about being on the show is simply the discussion and being able to disagree and not be mad at each other. The way it should be.


Dennis "Denny" Mayes


I am a husband, father, musician, blacksmith, truck driver, jack of all trades who has dabbled in everything from cooking, to writing novels. I am completely enthralled by stories or folklores, and I take serious interest in hearing the experiences of others in the unknown. I enjoy doing the show because it brings many people and fans together and allows us to work together on what I consider 'cosmic questions or mysteries".